As we continue to rebound from the impact of the covid pandemic and are reminded daily about the dysfunction and evil that exists in our world, this day is one that serves annually to remind us of the good in the world and people like Mary Powell, born exactly 104 years ago.

We are inspired by those among us who are driven to help others and to serve selflessly for the benefit of their community and society at large. We are flattered and eager to share our experience and insight when parents reach out to us for ideas about how they can inspire their children to include community service as a lifelong commitment in their lives. We are humbled when we encounter individuals, families and groups who demonstrate the traits that Mary did throughout her remarkable life and we are proud when we have the opportunity to recognize, reward and support them for their selfless efforts.

Before this year ends, we will have awarded our 40th scholarship, 39th music therapy sponsorship for veterans and 16th President’s Volunteer Service Award (pending). Please consider joining us as a volunteer or a donor as we ramp up our efforts through the end of this year and into 2023.