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A registered non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to continuing the good works of a remarkable, selfless woman who took the initiative to become involved in her community and to fight for social justice.  Today, we continue to recognize and reward leaders of community service.

Our Mission

To support people, organizations and causes that exhibit the traits and ideals demonstrated by Mary Powell throughout her remarkable life. Selfless dedication to helping others, doing what is morally right, and taking the initiative to become involved in one’s community are the traits the MPF seeks to exhibit and support.


Our Mission

All Proceeds to Charity

An all-volunteer organization, 100% of donations are used to fulfill and expand the Foundation’s charitable mission; supporting our scholarship and award programs as well as our veterans music therapy sponsorships.

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Our History

Our history begins with the selfless service of Mary Powell, a noted community volunteer in New York City who, despite the challenges of working, commuting and raising a family, set an example of initiative, perseverence and community engagement.

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Gold Level Recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Tiffany is a bright H.S. student in New York City who is committed to volunteering her skills and compassion for the sake of others. Fascinated by books and numbers as a child, Tiffany has become quite knowledgeable in her own right as she's gotten older. She tutors...

Black History Month

As Black History Month comes to an end, we are encouraged by the Pentagon’s directive to the U.S. Military to proceed with plans to rename nine Army bases in six states and hundreds of other items whose names honor the Confederacy by the end of 2023. It has been too...

MPF Mission Continues as Mary Powell’s 104th Birthday is celebrated (2022)

As we continue to rebound from the impact of the covid pandemic and are reminded daily about the dysfunction and evil that exists in our world, this day is one that serves annually to remind us of the good in the world and people like Mary Powell, born exactly 104...

2019 Century Tour

Volunteers and participants at Brooklyn's Canarsie Pier during the 30th New York City Century Tour. Each year since 2014, The Mary Powell Foundation has supported this event and the underlying idea of Vision Zero*, a global project aimed at reducing fatalities and...

2019 HS YCD

HS YCD 2019

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